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JRA Corporate is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm with particular expertise in strategically transforming and implementing business best practices across all back-office functions including finance, human resources, procurement and auditing. We offer on demand executive advisory program specifically tailored towards finance leaders to optimize growth.

Our Finance consulting can help drive efficiency in routine transactional processes, allowing a shift in focus to building the strategic value of the finance function. Our offshore and onshore business sourcing services establish effective governance mechanism.

Our thought leadership makes an impact — on clients, industries, and society. Whether you’re looking for a practical how-to, deep industry insights, or a provocative new idea


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality financial guidance, build relationships of trust, and develop innovative financial planning goals for our global clients.

Helping Organizations Reach Their Financial Goals

We support companies in dealing with a broad range of complex financial issues. Such issues include disputes and litigation, insolvency, fraud, cybersecurity, export controls, sanctions and trade, and financial crime compliance.



JRA Corporate services can assess your financial portfolio and help you avoid related pitfalls and ensure that you endeavor to save taxes under section 80(C)

We believe that a good Financial Plan is the outcome of a great conversation. Our process begins with a holistic discussion with you, during which we’ll carefully assess your your future goals, your existing investments, assets and liabilities and draft a detailed report. The report will take into consideration your cash flows and available surplus, and aim to bridge the gap between your current situation and your dream future, by suggesting the best investments that are in line with your objectives. The next step in the process constitutes a discussion on the report, during which your Advisor will help clarify your questions and doubts related to the report.

We have a complimentary client discovery session in which we assess your specific requirements.  There on our consulting fee starts from as low as Rs. 5000. What is more important is to understand your Financial Planning process which revolves around identifying important goals and then deciding the amount that needs to be invested as per the requirements.

Yes! indeed, as an NRI we provide specialized financial support with aligning a certified financial consultant which will make it easy for you to understand and have a flexible approach as per your requirements.

As an organization, JRA is 100% committed to the security and confidentiality of your information. We view our relationship with you as fiduciary in nature, and will never disclose your information, investment related or otherwise, to any third party.

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